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Tag: Relationships

Young Love

“I bare hate you you know” Chelsea said, lying down waiting for his reply on the phone

“Is it yeah? Why you saying that?” Aaron replied

“You give me bare mixed signals init” she sat up

“What you want me to say? Be real init. I’m on phone now chatting to you so wagwarn?”

“Do you like me, Aaron?”


Their yearly retreat was due. The car was packed and the clothes were tucked.

“You’re leaving next month. Let’s make this a good’un” said his dad.

Brian got into the car, realising that his dad was correct. This was his last time he would be living in his parent’s house before he moved to go to university next month. He was the first one in his family to do so, and it was a source of great pride to his dad.

Wedding Day

“So the suit’s fitted, the bridemaids are done and everyone else is ready?”

“All good. We are ready to rock and roll baby! Our boy’s getting married. Oh wait, do you have the handkerchief the Pastor give you?”