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Category: Short Stories

Young Love

“I bare hate you you know” Chelsea said, lying down waiting for his reply on the phone

“Is it yeah? Why you saying that?” Aaron replied

“You give me bare mixed signals init” she sat up

“What you want me to say? Be real init. I’m on phone now chatting to you so wagwarn?”

“Do you like me, Aaron?”


School lessons were always a chore. Break time and lunch were the only attempts at solace during the day time but the purpose of these activities were just to regulate the children’s timings. This is learnt earliest in primary school, when after a prolonged, excited playtime, the first thing the young pupils would be exposed to is the hard floor at the teacher’s request for them all to ‘sit down’ in the designated area. When you are young, you think this is because the next 10 minutes or so are important that it requires the class to sit around and hear collectively, away from their chairs and tables, the task or piece of knowledge at hand. It is only when you get older you realise however; it is because of teacher control. Young pupils are too excited after lunch time, so the task of the teacher is to get them to sit down and be quiet as quick as possible.


Their yearly retreat was due. The car was packed and the clothes were tucked.

“You’re leaving next month. Let’s make this a good’un” said his dad.

Brian got into the car, realising that his dad was correct. This was his last time he would be living in his parent’s house before he moved to go to university next month. He was the first one in his family to do so, and it was a source of great pride to his dad.


“There is more pain in not knowing than there is in knowing sometimes” his father said as he tapped him on the shoulder, tears flowing down his cheeks. His father gave him a tissue to clean himself up