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Young Love

“I bare hate you you know” Chelsea said, lying down waiting for his reply on the phone

“Is it yeah? Why you saying that?” Aaron replied

“You give me bare mixed signals init” she sat up

“What you want me to say? Be real init. I’m on phone now chatting to you so wagwarn?”

“Do you like me, Aaron?”

“Let me think…” Chelsea put her left hand on her cheek as she waited for his official reply, “yeah I do still. Do you like me, Chelsea? Or you one of them gyal who wanna tease these tings out of man?”

“I wouldn’t have asked you if I didn’t like you, you dickhead”

“Ah, say nuttin then. You wanna be my girl then?”

“Yes” she replied without even thinking

“That’s what’s up. Cool. What you on Friday, meet me after school yeah? Like 7ish. Look nice as well.”

“Will do” she hung up and smiled. She was no longer single. She had a man. She had purpose.

For the rest of the week, word spread that she was now dating Aaron. She was the hottest girl in the year and arguably the school itself. Young teacher’s flirted with her knowing she was now 16 and Aaron was the bad boy who no girl could tie down. She was used to the attention guys would give, she fit the physique, she was tall, skinny, had blonde hair and perky breasts. Aaron never give her any compliments, this made him more appealing to her. He hardly smiled, only when causing mischief was there any joy in his eyes, and he hardly spoke except when someone had threatened him. They started talking after one detention when she was kept behind for spraying her hair during English and he was in there. Just in detention, by default. It was where he spent most of his time.

The other young men couldn’t understand how he had secured Chelsea. The other young women couldn’t understand why she went for him. He was cute, yes, but he was trouble. ‘Chelsea must like them rough’ was the eventual conclusion.

Friday night came and she met him outside the local McDonalds. He was wearing a pair a jeans and a grey hoody, with the hood up, and she was wearing a short skirt with a faux leather jacket. They both wore Nike trainers, which was the first thing Aaron complimented her on.

“You like my shoes yeah? Don’t you think I look nice?” she asked

“You do, but you always get that though init. You know you’re nice”

“But I wanna hear you say it. Is that wrong?”

“You look nice then. What you wanna eat?”

“You took me out then to go McDs?”

“Yeah…” Aaron stared at her, unsure why she asked that last question

“Fine. Give me some fries.”

“All you want is fries?”

“Yeah…” Chelsea stared at Aaron, unsure why he queried the fries.


Aaron ordered a massive meal for himself, a Big Mac large meal with an extra cheeseburger as well as a drink and milkshake.

“Here’s your fries” he said as he returned to their booth in the corner of the McDonalds

Aaron finished his meal before she had finished her fries. She was disgusted by how quick he ate the meal but kept the reservations to herself.

“Wanna go cinema?” he asked as he wiped his mouth with tissue

“I don’t know, it’s getting late isn’t it? we can go tomorrow” Chelsea replied

“I’m busy tomorrow still. And Sunday. Wanna go after school one day next week?”

“Next Friday? Mum don’t let me out on school nights.”

“Swear down? Wow. She got you lockdown.” Aaron giggled

Aaron returned Chelsea to her home and give her a hug before leaving her at the door.

“See you next week then yeah?”

“Ok.” She said opening the front door

Aaron text her over the weekend, Chelsea didn’t reply.

He was not in school on Monday and Chelsea’s friends asked her how life with her new man was going. She gave them all the silent treatment.

Aaron was not in school on Tuesday and Chelsea decided to finally text him back in the morning. She didn’t get a response from him. At the end of the day she text him ‘We’re over’ and proceeded to flirt with the other young men in the school who were still complimenting her, despite them knowing she was supposed to be dating Aaron.

Aaron came back to school on Wednesday and asked Chelsea to speak to her at break time. He saw her in the corridor and despite her attempt to get to class quicker when she noticed him, he was able to ask her. She declined and while walking away told Aaron to check his texts.