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Category: Short Stories


The Pastor stared at his congregation, the wooden pews before him and beneath him. The crowd of 20 or so staring up at him. He could only see the men’s faces, the ladies’ church hats covered their faces.


It started with just a few things. There were the odd names that would not come to the tongue so quickly. Faces became beacon calls for hitting a mental wall. Items would no longer be remembered when she was out shopping. She’d come back with half a list and not be able to tell if she had purchased all of them

Lights Out

Cars blared outside the walls of the apartment. Police sirens, moving trucks, motorcycles and the screams of drunken pedestrians echoed in the street. He woke up from his long afternoon nap to realise it was 10pm after checking his phone. The day was gone.

Holy Spirit

9am church services were where the righteous truly proved themselves. While others would come along to the 11am and 2pm services with hangovers and begrudged looks that they had better things to do, the faithful at 9am were available early, bibles at the ready and vocals warmed up for what would be a great time in God’s presence.