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Ward Life

At 3am the alarmed sounded. The night was still but the ward came alive as the screams got louder



“Can all patients please return to their beds?” echoed around the ward as one by one, the members of the room shot up, dreary eyed, searching for who now was screeching.

K wouldn’t stop now he had started



The 2 nurses rushed into the room, wearing gas masks to protect them from any of the toxins in the air, and successfully held K down. B looked on at his friend being sedated by a needle the size of a body builder’s bicep with a liquid inside which looked like urine from the distance.

The lights were on in the ward now, meaning everyone wouldn’t be able to get to sleep until the 1-hour light curfew was over.


“Thanks a lot K, sleep easy you bastard” shouted S, waving his hand in the air revealing his snake tattoo on his arm

B looked at C on the bed next to him

“It’s a shame isn’t it C. He was doing so well.”

C nodded in silence without looking at B in the eyes. His bald head reflected the light and as he nodded, a shine glimmered into B’s eyes

“I think they’re making your head shinier. I don’t know if that’s what they want” said B

C chucked, then lay back down completely and rolled over

B put his hand through his blonde hair a few times and saw a few loose hairs in his hand as a result of the action.

“It’s started then” B said to himself as he watched K, in his incapacitated state, be removed from the room by the 2 nurses, dragging his from his arms towards the door.


The speaker spoke again, “All patients, please return to your sleep. We apologise for this disturbance”

S shot up out of his bed and looked at the camera in the corner of the room, “Turn the fucking lights off then!! Every night, we keep losing people for fuck’s sake”

The camera moved towards S slowly.

The speaker announced across the ward “Patient S, please return to your bed”

“No… no… I won’t do it. I can’t take this anymore. I’m going. I’ma get out. Fuck this bullshit. I can’t do it. I really can’t do it… you can take these treatments and shove it up your arse!”

“Patient S, we will not ask you again. Please return to your bed”

S started walking to the doors which the nurses had just exited with K.


He was 10 yards away when they took him out. A man, dressed in military uniform, appeared through the doors with a pistol and shot S point blank in the head. S thumped on the floor as his blood spilled near the containment doors on the side.

The man spoke into his mic attached to his headgear, “S is down. Commence analysis”

The speaker announced to the room. “Commencing analysis on Patient S”

B sighed to himself amidst the madness. He couldn’t summon the strength to ask S to stop. He quickly gazed around the room and saw the 8 other patients had fell asleep or were just refusing to watch the action unfold.


The speaker spoke, “Analysis complete. Thank you Captain Troy”

Captain Troy left the room. The 2 nurses came back in and dragged S’s body through the double doors before they locked.

The lights went out after 50 minutes more as B said to himself “I knew I shouldn’t have signed up for this”