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“There is a beauty hidden deep in your eyes, I can see it you know”

“How many have you said that to tonight? Get away from me”

She was the latest of women to reject his advances this evening. Anthony just couldn’t catch a break. He’d been in the club for 3 hours, had bought a month’s worth of groceries on drinks for different women he’d met for the first time and still, not one of them would give him their numbers or let him engage in sexual intercourse with them this fine night.

He started to think his luck had run out until he saw her. In a red body-con dress with loubs on too, he thought ‘What the heck, I’ll live in my overdraft this month’ and went over hoping she would respond. He moved up to her in the crowd of people, the DJ was playing a dancehall mix which sounded like it was from soundcloud but the majority of the crowd were too drunk to notice, and ‘accidentally’ bumped into her. She turned around giggling and Anthony took a quick look into her eyes; they were light brown, even in the darkness around him he could see their gentleness.

“I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to do that, oh wow, my name’s Anthony, could I get you a drink?”

She was still giggling: “It’s fine, my name’s Jessica, and I really shouldn’t but why not, yes please, I’ll come with you, I hate this song anyway”

They both manoeuvred around the crowd to get to the bar where Anthony was previously standing. They both ordered vodka with coke to finish the night. For the first time in the evening, unlike the other women he had bought a drink, after getting the drink, Jessica stayed to talk to him.

“Have you been here long then?” Anthony asked

“I’ve lost track of time to be honest, all I know is I want to leave soon” Jessica replied

Anthony’s eyes widened as he saw an opportunity.

“Yeah, I’m looking to go soon too. Leave together after this drink yeah?”

“Is that your way of saying ‘you’ve pulled’?”

“Depends if it worked!” he laughed to break the tension

“You’re cute. Ok, let’s finish up!”

They both drank their drinks and made toward the exit.

After leaving the club, Anthony made note that he only lived 15 minutes from the club and Jessica happily agreed. This was going to be his night he was sure of it.

They caught a black taxi and arrived at Anthony’s within 10 minutes, Anthony paid the fee and tipped the driver too.

Walking into Anthony’s apartment block, Jessica was impressed by what she saw. It was a private apartment complex off a main road, an access key had to be entered to go through the gates, and there was still a walk to do once you were inside. They were both surrounded by lights in what looked like a private garden. Surrounding them as they walked, was faux palm trees.

The lift was in front of them – within moments of pressing the button, the lift appeared. Under the lights of the lift, Jessica grabbed Anthony by his balls as soon as the doors closed, and French kissed him for 5 seconds before pulling away with a smile on her face. Anthony felt an erection grow in his trousers as soon as she touched him downstairs, and he was hard by the time she had let go of him.

The third floor was where Anthony lived and so once getting there, unlocking the door and throwing his shoes off as he entered the room, he turned to Jessica in the best TV host voice he could do and said: “Make yourself at home my fair lady”

Jessica replied in a Southern Belle accent: “Why thank you good sir, you’re mighty kind”

Anthony found a wine bottle in the fridge he said he had been saving for a special occasion and began making two glasses.

Jessica was taking in the room; Anthony was living it up according to his flat. The floor beneath them had heating and her toes were tickled as she waltzed around his apartment. There were Rothko paintings on the wall, library cases with books from the 19th century organised by author’s name and a 48” TV staring at the two of them.

“This is so nice” she said, “you have a really nice apartment”

“Thank you, I’m thinking of renting it out if I’m honest” he said as he poured the wine

“You own here?”

He paused the pouring and looked directly at her: “Yes I do, were you expecting me to rent?” he finished pouring the glasses.

“I’ve never met someone who actually owns a flat before”

“Well now you have, here’s your glass” and gave Jessica the glass with more wine in it.

They spoke for 20 minutes over the wine about the art and books that surrounded them before they went to the bedroom and had sex. Jessica wasn’t able to take in the bedroom as Anthony never turned the lights on and she was surprised by the moves he was able to do to her in the bedroom. She had multiple orgasms and he hadn’t finished himself yet. He finally came to climax and he rolled over and fell asleep.

She watched him sleep and thought it was time for her to sleep too


Morning came and Anthony rolled over to the sound of his 7:30 alarm clock.

“Oh God, I’m sorry – I forgot to turn it off last ni…”

Anthony had a quick glance around and there was no trace of Jessica. He checked his phone for a text, a call, any form of communication. He even hoped a carrier pigeon would appear at his window.

He rose from his bed as quick as his hangover would allow him, and quickly checked the living room. There was no trace that anyone had been here the night before. Confused, he went to the toilet to have a morning piss. Once he was in the toilet, he pulled his underwear down and felt the dryness at the front of his underwear.

“For fuck’s sake!” he shouted as he took his piss, hitting the wall with his forearm over and over again.

He went back into his room and double-checked his sheets to confirm his suspicions. He sighed after seeing the stains.

Jessica was the girl of his dreams, and that’s where she existed.

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