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Blame the media if Trump wins

After the past year and a half of intense media coverage regarding it, the USA election is finally this week. I’ve become disinterested in all media coverage regarding the election in the last month or so as it’s reached epic proportions in the UK where there is a more complete focus on the personalities of the runners than anything else.

Just throwing my own view out there; it’s 2016. This year has felt like a century of ideologies compressed into 12 months. So with that in mind, I believe Donald Trump will win to add a fine icing on the cake. I don’t believe Hilary Clinton is any better on certain policies by the way.

I believe the polls are similar to Reagan in 1980 due to Trump still being in the race in the last few weeks, similar to Reagan’s surge in the last few weeks of 1980. I’m sure you don’t need me to remind you he served 2 terms. His legacy is still affecting the USA a generation later.

There is more nationalistic ignorance than intelligence in the world. I think those educated in the West tend to forget there are numerous amounts of the population who haven’t had the same level of opportunity that the last 30 years has afforded those who’ve taken it today.

I think the amount of negative coverage that Trump receives in the media benefits him more than anything. Clinton’s campaign in response to Trump is ‘Don’t vote him in’, being from the UK, the last time I heard a campaign slogan similar to this was Ed Miliband’s Labour proposals, constantly referring to ‘Not having the Tories in’ and despite the media experts suggesting that’ll be a hung parliament, last year the Conservatives won a majority. Proposing no alternative leads to feeding the beast you’re attempting to defeat it seems.

We could be seeing the initial fall of Western civilisation going off how this year has went, history repeats itself, despite all of our advances in technology and education, the initial fear of the ‘other’ which has created so much chaos in the world and led to the time period we are in today, means humans aren’t as ‘evolved’ as scientists like to lead us to believe.