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‘Sent From Heaven’ Review


I had the honour to read ‘Sent From Heaven’ pre-release. I was approached by Oghosa when I released my previous blog post announcing ‘The Tipping Point’. My focus on my internal sufferings this year had gained quite a response on social media, from personal messages coming to me from all platforms in what was a humbling experience I’m grateful for all round.


Oghosa kindly read my post and sent me a DM. A few days later I’m reading a short story about a young man who wrestles with his existence and societal pressures, throw in some divine intervention and the love of a good woman and you have yourself an engaging, 21st century story to match the constant pressure which the millennial generation put themselves under. The characters are relatable, in regards to pressure to conform to norms set by previous generations, earning money, the concept of love which ultimately reaches marriage. Oghosa’s engaging, conversational writing style sets pace immediately and allows the reader to grasp the worldview which the characters are living their lives in.


I recommend this book not only for the style of writing, but the timing of it. The story is set in the Christmas season, where depression takes hold of many in the UK, and Oghosa skilfully meanders around this subject while also allowing plot to flourish. This is needed at this point in time and is an exceptional addition to her skillset as well her many other talents. You can get the book here


Who’d have thought me announcing my own troubles would allow me to review the conceptual troubles of characters in the writing’s of another? Either way, I’m grateful, and hope you read the book and enjoy it as much as I did.


#TheTippingPoint is out 30th December


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